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     The famous law office in Vietnam
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Innlagt den: 2018/3/6 1:52
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Tilsluttet: 2018/3/6
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The famous law office in Vietnam
A dead event occurs that leads to many other civil relationships. A typical example is civil relations about the right to claim inheritance.
For cases where there is no testamentary inheritance, it shall be divided according to the provisions of Article 676 of the 2005 Civil Code (the first line of inheritance includes spouses, fathers, mothers, adoptive parents, offspring, adoptive children of the will) http://khainhandisanthuake.vn/mau-van-ban-khai-nhan-di-san-thua-ke-2017/
Legal documents of the beneficiaries include:
- ID card or passport (original with copy) of each person.
- Household registration (original with copy).
- The marriage certificate, the actual marriage certificate or the marital status of the spouse of the person leaving the estate (the original with the copy)
- The authorization contract (the original with the copy), authorization letter (if the transaction is established through the representative).
- Birth certificate, certificate of adoption; judgments, curricula vitae, other papers (the original with a copy) proving the relationship between the estate leaver and the heir.
The order of execution:
- Legacy beneficiaries contact the notary office to make a notice of the estate declaration.
- Publicly announce the opening of procedures for claiming inheritance at the People's Committee of the ward or commune where the estate or the place of last residence of the estate deceased is located within 30 days.
- If after the listed time there is no dispute or complaint, the beneficiary of the estate shall declare the estate at the notary office.
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