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Forfatter Trd
Innlagt den: 2017/11/20 4:59
Helt fersk
Tilsluttet: 2017/11/20
Innlegg: 10
Henan Kingorgchem Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise located in Zhengzhou, Henan, engaged in the research, production and selling of OLED material intermediates and organic phosphorus compounds, with import and export operation rights.
Our company is mainly dedicated to the independent development and production of OLED intermediates and organic phosphorus compounds, of which the main technical products consist of fluorenes , carbazoles, anthracenes OLED intermediates, chiral and non-chiral organic phosphorus and organic phosphorus metal complexes. It undertakes products research, customized synthesis, project cooperation and provides full technical support.
Kingorgchem has a research team with Doctors and Masters being the backbone, with about 10 years? experience of synthesizing OLED intermediates and organic phosphorus compounds. Our company is equipped with various types of instruments, e.g. Braun anhydrous anaerobic operating system, high temperature and high pressure reaction system, mass spectrometer, Agilent GC,Shimadzu HPLC and mass spectrometer etc. With the manufacturing base, our company meets series of conditions from laboratory scale, pilot magnification to industrialized production.
Our company persists in treating ?Quality & Responsibility? as the business principle and sticking to the service idea ?Innovation changes life?, expecting to go forward with friends from various circles and create a better life together.40438-64-0
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