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     DC Brush Motor Damper
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 » DC Brush Motor Damper qqs233 2017/11/20 4:56
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Innlagt den: 2017/11/20 4:56
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Tilsluttet: 2017/11/20
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DC Brush Motor Damper
1.Main Performance Parameters
Type/Rating: ZB1.31
Rated voltage: 12?1
Input current (no load): <150
Input current (load): <250
Flow: 1.31?0.26L/min
Self-priming height: ≥140mm
Lift: ≥500mm
Applicable medium: Water (water equivalent)
Operating environment: 0~35℃(No icing)
Installation height:the level and the maximum vertical distance from the center of the pump: 30-100mm
2. Outline drawing
3. Electric Circuit Diagram
Welcome to buy the high quality Sonxie or Kind high zb water pump for intelligent refrigerator/fridge with competitive price from our factory. As one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers in China, we will also offer you the customized service and the free sample.DC Brush Motor Damper
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